Two humans, two generations, two different personalities, but a common good. Jeanguy's idea started to germinate long before we cut our first pieces of fabric.


A trained embalmer, former funeral home manager and an outstanding self thoughts carpenter in his spare time.

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Artist by training, explorer in his spare time and passionate about mushrooms, forest products as well as everything related to nature.

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It was in October 2018 that the weight of our respective jobs was made too heavy to bear. Heavy with nonsense, to have to continue to turn a blind eye on a problem that came more and more difficult to ignore.


Dive head first, put our efforts and our time to offer reusable and sustainable products to the community, value the long term, allow everyone to be able to do their part in their own way, but above all to start a reflection by valuing a more responsible lifestyle. This is what Jeanguy is made of. The desire to start somewhere and to want to continue to be able to do more.


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